How To Clean Faucet Head Fast And Easy

Disturbed about how to clean the faucet head fast and efficiently? Don’t worry. I will show you how to use vinegar to clean your faucet.

Over 300 million Americans use faucets daily, year after year, in their homes. With time, these faucets will start to build up hard water and calcium deposits.

This hard water and dirt-caused calcium can build up and eventually block the faucet or shower head, making it hard for water to flow because the water pressure is distorted.

So when this happens in your home, you will want to clean the sink faucet head or the shower faucet head, and cleaning faucets with vinegar is most definitely the fastest and easiest method.

How To Clean Faucet Head

To clean the faucet head fast and easily, remove it from the hose, pour two tablespoons of vinegar into a bowl containing the faucet head,, and allow it to soak. Then clean it with a brush. You can follow the five steps below for a better understanding.

Here’s How To Clean Faucet Head 

1. Remove The Faucet Head From The Hose.

First, remove the faucet head from the hose to allow for easy cleaning. Most faucets used in sinks and showers these days are removable.

To remove the faucet head, unscrew it with your hand. If it is very tight, put on a hand glove and unscrew with force.

2. Soak The Faucet In A Vinegar

Place the faucet head on the bowl containing the vinegar and two tablespoons of vinegar. The vinegar on the bowl should be able to cover the faucet base

3. Allow It To Soak For About 2 Hours

Now, allow the faucet head to soak in the bowl for about two hours. Keeping the faucet that long in the vinegar will allow the hard water calcium buildup on the faucet to soften, thus making the cleaning process extremely easy. 

This method of cleaning the faucet head also works for cleaning hot water stains or build-ups on your kitchen sink faucet.

4. Clean With A Brush In The Soap And Rinse 

After the faucet head has been soaked and softened, clean it with a soapy brush and thoroughly rinse it. To keep your faucet always clean, ensure that you clean under the faucet once every month. 

A dirty faucet can cause many illnesses, and you should clean your sink faucet regularly—at least once every 60 days.

5. Screw The Faucet Head Back To The Hose

Once the faucet head is clean and you are satisfied with it, the final step is to dry up the faucet and fix it back to the hose.

. To fix the faucet, head back to the hose, hold it in your hand and screw it to the hose.

You can also watch this video for more in-depth knowledge of how to clean faucet heads. An Update on Cleaning Methods 


Yes, that’s how quick and easy it is to clean a faucet head. I hope this guide helps with the steps on how to clean a faucet head fast 

You can also watch the video below for more practical steps on how to clean your faucet head.

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