How To Do Corner Bosch GRL900

If you’re a home builder and want to know how to do corner Bosch GRL900 with the Bosch self-leveling laser, then stick around, I will show you how.

The Bosch GRL900 Self-Leveling Horizontal and Vertical Rotary Laser Kit is an architectural tool kit that accurately gives you everything you need to do indoor and outdoor leveling.

The Bosch GRL900 is a useful tool for leveling, aligning, and squaring because it has a laser that can self-level both horizontally and vertically.

You can adjust the rotary laser’s speed and scan angle to make it as visible as possible in different lighting conditions. This flexibility makes the Bosch leveling laser a super tool for self-leveling and can scan different angles for the best visibility.

How To Do Corner Bosch GRL900

To do Corner Bosch Grl900, you must refer to the instructions manual. It contains clearly explained parts diagrams for the model of the Bosch leveling laser you purchased.

Each model’s general instructions comprehensively cover everything relating to setting up and mounting a laser level, connecting the receiver, and using a laser level. However, let me also show you how you can do 

Here’s how to do corner Bosch grl900

1. Mount and Setup the Bosch GRL900 Self-Leveling

How To Do Corner Bosch GRL900

Open the Bosch tool kit box, carefully bring out each dismantled part, fix them, and mount the self-leveling laser on the tripod.

Allow a few seconds after setting up for the system to self-level.

Please make sure you point the laser level in the corner or direction where you want to do the corner Bosch, shoot a beam or take a reading.

2. Connect the Self-Leveling Receiver.

Now, select the receiver that will work with the laser level you intend to use with the Bosch. 

You will not have an issue with the receiver because virtually all Bosch self-leveling laser kits on the market usually come with receivers with a mounting screw hole as well as a clamp.

Make sure to put all the batteries in the receiver for the Bosch to work.

3. Examine And Compute The Distance.

To calculate the distance, Turn on the laser level and target it in the corner or direction you want to do the corner Bosch.

4. Move The Laser Receiver To The Corner 

How To Do Corner Bosch GRL900

Move the laser receiver to where you want to do corner Bosch. So continue to move the receiver until it catches the beam from the laser level.

5.  Calculate Elevation

Now the final step after making the corner Bosch is to calculate the elevation of the task. 

To compute height with a laser level, you will require elevation measurements from the starting and ending positions and the distances between the starting and ending places.

The distance traveled differs from the run. Rise over run, or the change in vertical distance ÷ change in horizontal distance, can be used to calculate elevation changes.

An elevation gradient can be calculated as a decimal, a degree, or a percentage.

What Is Bosch GRL900?

The Bosch GRL900 Self-Leveling Rotary Laser Kit is a useful tool for home builders that comes with everything needed for accurate leveling indoors and outdoors.

The Bosch GRL900 has a horizontal and vertical self-leveling laser that can be used for leveling, aligning, and squaring on the surface.

The rotary laser lets users set different speeds and scan angles to make the laser easier to see in different lighting conditions.

The electronic self-leveling system has a disturbance monitor that tells the operator when the tool’s position changes. This makes sure that the tool is always level on the job site.

Features of the 

Features of The Bosch GRL900

The Bosch GRL900 is outfitted with four amazing operational features that help to make your work seamless, precise, and accurate. Some of these features include the

Electronic Self-Leveling

How To Do Corner Bosch GRL900

The electronic self-leveling feature lets you easily set the laser level up and use it on the job within a relatively short period of time.

Long-Range Capability

How To Do Corner Bosch GRL900

The Bosch GRL900 comes with a working range of up to 900 feet and an LR10 laser receiver.

Robust Design

How To Do Corner Bosch GRL900

The GRL900 has two large carrying handles that make it easier to carry and give it more protection if it falls.

Disturbance Monitor

How To Do Corner Bosch GRL900

This great feature lets you know if the tool’s position changes, making sure that the leveling is always accurate.


This professional tool gives you the flexibility to adjust the laser self-leveling the way you want. So you can do corner Bosch and adjust left and right. Congratulations to Bosch. 

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