How To Fix Controller Drift Ps4

If you want to know how to fix controller drift, stick around and let me show you the easiest methods to fix controller drift on your PS4 controller.

If you are experiencing some kind of drift on your controller, it could be caused by debris, which will make the controller stick. Well, there is a simple way to Fix Xbox One Wireless Controller Drift:. However, some of these methods deserve extreme caution.

The method I will teach you here is proven to work on all models of PS controllers, including the elite series.

How To Fix Controller Drift On Ps4

Every model of PS console often comes with its own set of problems. And one of the most common issues with controllers on any console is controller drift, also known as analog stick drift or thumbstick drift.

Because of this stick drift issue, the stick will sometimes stop moving in a specific direction and sometimes keep moving in a particular direction without the gamer touching it. Controller drifting isn’t just a problem with PS4 and Xbox One controller.

Here’s how to fix controller drift on PS4

1. Remove The Controller’s Batteries.

The first thing to do when trying to fix controller drift on Xbox One is to remove the batteries if you are using a wireless controller, and if you are using a wired controller, then disconnect the wire. 

Next, gently pull the controller’s stick out of place, then turn the controller by facing it on the ground or table. Now use your finger and tap on the back of the controller.

In most cases, there could be some sort of debris or dirt inside the controller’s stick mechanism. So our idea here is to shake and let loose the debris, so it will fall away.

2. Clean The Dualsense With Isopropyl Alcohol.

How To Fix Controller Drift Ps4

Carefully push out the controller stick, and pour a reasonable quantity of isopropyl alcohol. To do this, you need a cotton swab and high-concentrate isopropyl alcohol.

Based on experience, I will suggest the most concentrated alcohol you can get. The higher the concentration, the less water it has, meaning water is less likely to damage the circuitry inside the controller.

Now disconnect and turn off the controller and clean the drift. To clean the controller’s stick, dip the cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and gently clean each thumbstick.

Move the stick around in its housing and clean the bearing well, as this part of the thumbstick will bring dirt into the controller. If this step is well done, this will fix the drifting of your controller by 90%.

3. Update The Firmware Of The Controller.

To update the firmware of your PS4 or PS5 controller, go to your Xbox dashboard, and navigate to Settings.

Click on devices and connections. Then next, click on accessories, and then you should see a picture of your controller.

Under the controller image, there are three dots. Click those three dots, and the update page will appear. Then click “Update Now.

When it gets updated, the controller drifting would likely be fixed, but the chances of this fixing controller drift are relatively small.

Please bear in mind that if you are using an older controller version without a headphone jack, there is a chance that this update may not work wirelessly. You’ll need a USB cord to attach the controller to the system.

4. Replace Or Repair The Controller

If your drift controller is still under warranty, take it back to any Sony-accredited dealer in your neighborhood and get them to replace it for you or repair it if minor fixes cause the sticker.

Note that not all console owners are qualified for replacement. 

So, to find out if you’re eligible for a replacement, go to the PlayStation Repair and Replace page, choose DualShock 4, and follow the instructions to see if you’re eligible for free repair or replacement.

5. Take off the controller casing & clean the analog stick.

Caution: This method is risky, and you must be careful to avoid disconnection of any soldered wire on the motherboard.

To thoroughly clean up a drift controller’s analog sticks, do this:

  1. To access the motherboard, remove the outer casing and lift the battery.
  2. Use a cotton swab, a reasonable amount of water, and isopropyl alcohol to clean.
  3. Ensure that you will use pressurized air on the interior parts.

6. Replace The Analog Sticks On The Controller.

The final and last resort to fix stick drift on Xbox One is to replace the analog sticks and potentiometer. I suggest if you are not tech-savvy, it would be better to take it to a repairer to help you.

 You can purchase any part for the controller online, so you don’t have to worry about getting them.

Note this: if you take off the outer case of your PS4 controller, the warranty will be voided, so don’t open it up until the warranty is over.

The Causes Of Controller Drifting

The primary cause of controller drift on the PS4 is dirt or debris that accumulates in the controller’s analog stick resulting from consistent usage.

Another cause is an accidental fall on the controller, which can damage the motherboard’s components.

The third cause of controller drift is the aggressive handling of the controller, which is common among many PS4 and PS5 game players.

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