How To Fix Rice That Is Undercooked

Hey, fan! Is your rice undercooked? Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to fix undercooked rice in just a few minutes. So read to the end.

There are many reasons why your rice may be undercooked. Even though the rice cooking process seems simple, it could also be delicate at times, and you may not get things right, which results in having rice that is undercooked.

So when cooking rice goes wrong, the result will be mushy rice, salty rice, or even burned rice. However, there are fixes for rice that is undercooked.

There are also some modern technologies and rice cookers like the Zojirushi 5.5-Cup Induction Rice Cooker and the Toshiba TRCS01 Rice Cooker that can help you avoid these mistakes.

But not everyone has the money for these appliances, so let’s fix them in the simplest way at no cost.

How To Fix Rice That Is Undercooked

 How To Fix Undercooked Rice

To fix your undercooked rice, crunchy rice, or hard rice, remove the rice from the stove and put it in a microwave. Cover with a microwave-safe lid and microwave the rice until it softens.

Here is how to fix undercooked rice.

1. Put The Rice In A Microwave-Safe Bowl.

Take the rice off the stove or gas cooker, and put it in a microwave. Then cover it with plastic wrap if you have any.

Alternatively, you can also cover it with a microwave-safe lid.

I recommend you purchase a plastic rice steamer that is used with a microwave if you don’t have one.

2. Microwave The Rice.

Now, microwave the rice, and allow it to soften. Within 2-3 minutes, you will notice steam rising from the pot.

The intense heat from the microwave generates the rising steam that you see between the bowl and the cover, which will help cook the rice without causing it to become dry.

3. Return The Pot To The Stove (Or Gas Cooker).

Switch off your microwave, take out the pot, and return it to the stove or gas cooker. Keep the stove on low heat for about 2-3 minutes.

4. Take The Pot Off The Stove.

Once the 2-3 minutes in step 3 are up, take the pot off the stove. Allow the rice pot to sit covered for about 10 minutes.

5. Fluff With Fork Or Rice Paddle.

Finally, after the 10 minutes is up , use a rice paddle or a fork to remove the fluff, and your undercooked rice will be fixed. Simple, right? That is how seamless it is to fix undercooked rice, crunchy rice, or hard rice.

Causes of Undercooked Rice

Undercooked rice has two main causes:

1. Extremely High Temperature

When you cook the rice at an extremely high temperature, this will cause the rice to start evaporating water before the rice is cooked.

2. Taking Off The Lid Early

When you, consciously or unconsciously, take the safe lid off the pot too early, this will let the steam in the pot vanish from the pot.

3. Not Enough Water

In the event that you didn’t add enough water to the rice pot at the beginning, this could also cause undercooked rice.

A Quick Solution To Fix Hard Rice

If your rice looks dry or the texture is still hard or crunchy after all of the water has been absorbed, add up to a half cup of water and return to a simmer with the lid on.

Don’t overheat the rice at this point; just be patient. Don’t turn the stove on too high to make the rice cook faster. That will make the rice worse and take you back to where you started.

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