How To Fix You’re Offline. Check Your Connection

Everyone enjoys streaming YouTube videos in their leisure time and even at work for special reasons.

However, some people get the error message “youtube you’re offline. Check your connection.” even while their mobile or PC internet connection is on.

This is revolting, especially if you rely on your network internet connection speed or the WiFi you’re using. Well. I’ve got some good news for you.

The error “You’re offline, check your connection” can be fixed with a click of a few buttons.

To fix “You’re offline. check your connection” error, Open the YouTube app, navigate to settings, scroll down, and select the date and time. Set the date and time correctly, either using the network provider’s time or manually. Now refresh and the error will disappear

 How To Fix You’re Offline. Check Your Connection

Fixing the YouTube error, “You’re Offline. Check Your Connection” is not difficult, and you can fix yours by following the below steps.

Here’s how to Fix You’re Offline. Check Your Connection

1. Open the YouTube application.

Open the YouTube app on your mobile phone, click on the account icon, and for a dropdown, scroll down.

2. Click on settings.

When you scroll down to the bottom, you see the settings. Click on the settings feature.

3. Click on Date and Time

Now click on date and time to correctly set your YouTube app’s time and date.

You can manually set the date and time or do it automatically using the network provider’s time.

4. Refresh the app

Refresh the Youtube app, and you will be able to enjoy your video streaming on the Youtube app.

Tip To Avoid You’re Offline. Check Your Connection Error

Here are some proven tips that can help fix the “You’re Offline Connection Error. 

1. Restart the phone.

If the preceding steps did not resolve the connection error. Restart your phone quickly, and give it two minutes for the internet connection to fully connect.

2. Clear the Youtube App cache

If the cache on the YouTube app is large, it can impede the application’s smooth operation. So clear the cache on the app.

To do this, go to settings on your phone, and click on apps. Scroll down and tap on YouTube, then clear the cache.

3. Turn off your VPN and ADblocker. 

At times, AdBlock and VPN can obstruct your internet connection when they’re on while you want to stream YouTube videos. It’s ideal to turn them off.

4. Update your YouTube app.

When the YouTube app is outdated, it can cause the app to malfunction and thus lead to a connection error.

So try to check if there is an update. If there is any update to the app, try streaming the videos again.

5. Uninstall and reinstall the app.

If all other options have been exhausted, uninstall the app, give your phone ten minutes to rest, and then reinstall it.

If you do this, the connection error will be fixed.


The error of  You’re Offline. Check Your Connection is not something you should be worried about, because there is an easy fix for everyone. 

In the meantime, I hope this guide has helped fix the error “You’re Offline.” Check your internet connection.

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