How To Start A Car Without A Key

This article will teach you the three most basic methods for starting a car without a key.

Every driver tries to be careful with their car key fob so they will not lose it, but unfortunately, you can’t just “will” yourself into stopping certain events in our daily lives.

Beyond the cost of changing your key box, whenever it gets lost, you will also want to see if you can turn the ignition without a key to get to your destination before the electrician replaces it.

Fortunately, there are ways to start a car without a key. To start a car without a key, you need to adopt either of these three techniques: the screwdriver and hammer technique, the hot wiring technique, or the red coil wire technique.

So, today, I’ll share with you three (3) simple electrical tips to help you start any car without a key.

How To Start A Car Without A Key

Nothing is more revolting than misplacing your car key or having a faulty ignition, especially when you’re away from home and your electrician is close by to fix it for you. 

You will want to look for alternative ways to start your cars without a key.

Here are three alternative ways to turn on your car’s ignition without a key.

1. Screwdriver And Hammer Or Drill Technique

To start a car without keys, use a screwdriver and hammer or drill to make a hole nearly two-thirds of an inch wide in the inner flaps of your ignition switch.

When you’re finished drilling, gently remove the drill from the ignition and carefully insert a screwdriver in the hole you just drilled, then try to start your car.

I will recommend you use a flat metal piece for the method instead of a screwdriver to minimize the risk of damaging your car’s ignition. 

However, if there is no metal piece to be used, carefully use a screwdriver. Take extra caution.

Caution: The screwdriver and hammer or drill technique have a higher risk of damaging the ignition switch’s locking pins. 


  • This method is very simple to use and starts a car without a key.
  • It is easy to follow and not complicated.


  • It has a high risk of causing ignition damage in your vehicle.
  • This technique can also damage your car’s ignition lock pin.
  • It can also permanently disable your car’s ignition switch.

2. Hot Wire Technique

To use the hot-wiring ignition technique to start a car without keys, first, remove the ignition plastic covers on the steering column. Then follow the steps below.

Note: To remove the plastic covering, you will have to loosen the two small screws holding it to the terminal.

You will see two wires, one in red and the other in brown and yellow. The red-colored wires are for the battery, while the brown and yellow-colored wires are the ignition wires.

After you’ve identified these wires, poke a small, tiny hole in the insulation of the battery wires and another in the insulation of the ignition wires.

Lastly, connect the red wires of the battery with the brown and yellow wires of the ignition power. Now twist both wires together.

Your car will be able to start as soon as you make the connection.

Caution: The hot-wire method of starting a car without a key is best suited for older vehicles and should not be used on new vehicles.


  • This is the safest method of starting a car without a key.
  • It has less risk of damaging your car’s ignition.


  • This method can be life-threatening if proper protective measures are not taken.
  • You need to have an insulation glove to be able to use this technique because it involves live wires.

 3. Red Coil Wire Technique

To turn on the ignition without a key using the red coil technique, you will need to open your car hood and locate the red coil wire.

Then connect the positive and red clamps of a jumper cable to the positive (+) terminal of your car battery and the other side of the cable to the red coil wire. Note: The red coil wire is mechanically connected to the positive terminal of the ignition coil.

Next, locate the starter solenoid by opening the plastic cover under the steering wheel.

Using a screwdriver, locate the ignition switch wire and connect it to the positive terminal of the solenoid.

Finally, connect a 12-volt power supply directly from your car battery to the ignition switch. Your car will start easily.

Caution: Do not try this method if you are not mechanically savvy, do not have mechanical skills, or are not a professional engineer.


  • This method can be used in both new and used cars.
  • It is safe and better than the screwdriver and hot wire methods.
  • It makes use of the car battery and ignition.


  • Only people with mechanical skills and experience can use this technique.
  • It requires a toolset to perform.
  • It is not a do-it-yourself (DIY) method.

Circumstances that lead to starting a car without a key

There are a few scenarios where you will need to start your car without a car, even though nobody anticipated such circumstances.

However, you will just have to learn how to start a car without keys if the situation arises. You don’t have an option.

Here are a few scenarios where you need to start a car without keys:

1. When You Have Consciously Or Unconsciously Lost Your Car Keys

Research has shown that the loss of a car key is the major reason why my drivers try to start their vehicles without keys.

When you unconsciously or deliberately misplace your car keys, the only option left for you is to start the car without a key, especially when you are far from home.

So, if such an emergency arises, you will be forced to use one of the methods discussed above to start your car and continue your journey.

2. When Your Vehicle’s Ignition Switch Fails

If your car ignition switch, which is the powerhouse for all the electrical and electronic connections, fails and your car electrician is not reachable,

In such an event, you will be forced to start your car without a key. To avoid this sort of ignition failure, constantly service your ignition.

 5 Main Types Of Car Keys

There are five major types of car keys that have evolved over the years. These car keys use top-notch security to try to prevent car theft. These security features come in handy with these car keys.

Here are the five main types of car keys that money can buy.

1. Digital Key

This type of key is controlled by a mobile application. You use an app to lock or unlock the car ignition. This type of key is the most secure because it can operate all of the car’s features.

2. Standard key

This was the first use of the key, and it’s still in use today, though with added security. The ordinary or standard is the normal padlock that every use for their doors.

This type of key can be used in car doors, gas or fuel tanks, etc. For various reasons, any locksmith can easily create this type of key. Thus, this key has a little security built in.

3. Chip key

As the name implies, this type of key is manufactured with chips in it. This built-in chip has a radio frequency that allows it to send signals to the receiver, thus making it extremely difficult to steal.

4. A remote-controlled ordinary key

This key allows you to control your car from a distance, thus making it difficult for an unauthorized person to drive it. The owner of the car can lock the car from a distance.

5. Smart key

This type of key uses sensors and a driver who has this kind of key in his or her car will enjoy the advantage of a keyless starting car. It simply works with a simple press of a button.

Tips To Avoid Being Stranded When A Car Key Is Lost Or Faulty Ignition

in order to avoid being stranded in the event your car key gets lost or the ignition of your car becomes faulty. Try adopting the following tips:

1. Make Use Of Digital Car Keys:

Digital car keys allow you to control your car ignition with a mobile app. So if your car got lost, you could start it with your car key mobile app.

2. Replace Your Car’s Electronic Control Unit (Ecu):

The ECU, also known as an “electronic control unit,” is the built-in technology that disables your car’s vital electrical component if it detects a thief attempting to steal it. The ECU is not cheap, but it is well worth it.

3. Contact A Locksmith:

It’s advisable to call the nearest locksmith when you discover that your car key is lost to quickly replace it for you. A locksmith can replace any type of key.

4. Contact The Key Manufacturer:

You can call the company that manufactures the key to ask for a remedy for the faulty ignition or lost key fob.


Driving a car with a fault-free ignition is essential for a good driving experience. However, it is also critical that you use a proper and secure car key box, as using the wrong one can result in a consistently faulty ignition. As a result, your car will continue to start without a key.

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